At woof we think first. We think about what we do, and how we do it. Best of all, the people we do it forlove us for it!


WOOF Creative Solutions is a brand led creative, marketing, design & advertising agency. We live and breathe creative thinking and apply our unique approach to solve any problem in any medium. From brand development, advertising, design, website design & build, email marketing, social media to publishing.

We are driven by a desire to deliver measurable results for all our clients, lots of good coffee, and a fundamental belief that "why" is always more important than "what" or "how".

We’ve partnered with clients spanning over 30 industries; from fashion to engineering, retail to wholesale, from lawyers to tradies... but the most important thing you’ll learn about us is that with everything we do, we THINK FIRST, understand and then create.

Should you need us, you can find us most hours of the day, (and many nights), in our natural habitat of Collingwood, in the famed WOOF Towers, where more often than not, we are supervised by Murphy, our Labrador and consigliere.





think first

WOOF - Creative Process: Think First

We have a simple 5 step process, and it works! We apply it to all that we do, regardless of the end medium or execution.

Our "Think First" process guides us on our creative journey, always ensuring that our creativity works and returns results across an integrated cross channel execution.

1 : We Think First

We start by thinking through and understanding first, to generate ideas rather than designs. Because we believe that the challenges set by our clients can be solved by starting at the core.

Why does your brand exist? Who are you talking to? What are you saying? What's the real problem?

Because it's on brand ideas that generate tangible results.

2 : We Plan

Next, we map out how we’re going to solve the problem ahead of us, as well as devising the communication and marketing strategies to underpin the creative execution. We also outline the key metrics required to measure success of the campaign. Because everyone loves it when a plan comes together.

3: We Create

Here, we focus on the creative execution. This phase varies from project to project and medium to medium but always revolves around conveying an incisive, on-brand message that will cut through the surrounding noise in a jammed market. Be easily understood, remembered and recalled in order to drive measurable action.

4 : We Analyse

This is where we gain the knowledge to enable us to make better, more educated decisions on future projects. It’s where we gain a better understanding about which elements worked and which didn’t - and more importantly, why! It’s also how we measure our success.

5 : We Start Again

We believe nothing is ever perfect - or finished. Brands, like people, should always grow and evolve with time. It is this pursuit of evolution which keeps us both inspired to create, but also passionate about results. We never look back with regret, but rather, forward with anticipation.

what we do

In short, we build brands. All our work is viewed through the lens of brand understanding. Too often marketing and advertising communicates the right message, that’s totally off brand. As a result the messaging might be memorable and clear but because it’s off brand, it doesn’t resonate with the audience.

But a brand isn’t just a positioning statement, a belief statement, or a logo. It is the sum total of every interaction and communication made over the course of time.

That’s why we work on the big thinking campaigns, and the tiny detail activations. Because every detail, no matter how small, matters.

Brand Development
Marketing & Strategy
Creative Advertising
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Website Design & Development
Social Marketing
Publications Design
Content Creation


Office Acquisition

DeWALT - logo

Strategic led creative & web development that drives results

Springfox - logo

Rebranding and relaunching an international brand for an Australian market

Heartridge - logo

Heartridge Floors by Dunlop
Creating a differentiation through brand positioning

Australian Building Co. - Logo

Australian Building Co.
Building a brand for the anti-builder

Provincial Home Living - logo

Provincial Home Living
A digital strategy to drive eCommerce for a timeless brand

how we do it

By analysing the BUY-IN process for each of our clients we understand the consumer journey and how to effectively communicate with them at every single phase. Our aim is to help the consumer evolve through the buy-in process and move to being consistently brand loyal.

WOOF - Diagram: BUY-IN Process


Passive Curious

Customer doesn’t have a specific need for your product of service at this moment in time

Conscious Research

Customer has become aware of your category or industry and can see a need for it.

Actively Analysing Options

Customer has become aware of product or service within that industry and is actively comparing suppliers and products to find the best mix of product, price, value and brand.

About to Buy

Customer has narrowed the options down to 2 or 3, and is about to buy.


Customer has purchased the item or service.


Item has been delivered, or service performed and customer has first hand knowledge of your product, and is now telling others.



Tv, Print,Outdoor, Radio, Catalogue Branding Ads & Offer Ads, Online


Website, Direct Marketing & Email Marketing: Special Offers, Advance Access, Education, Catalogues, Database, Customer Service, Feedback Management, Referral Systems, Post Sale Marketing


iPad / iPhone App Development Website / Web App, Information Gathering Experience In Store Education, Displays & Events

people we do it for

love us for it

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